About the Louisiana Native Plant Society

The Louisiana Native Plant Society is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of, education about, and the propagation of the state’s diverse native flora. We work to offer continuing networking and learning experiences for our members and citizens of the state of Louisiana as it relates to the grave importance of our native flora and the ways in which we can protect and preserve it.

LNPS Volunteers
LNPS Volunteers
LNPS Annual Meeting
LNPS Annual Meeting

Our purposes are:

  • To preserve and study native plants and their habitats
  • To educate people on the value of native plants and the need to preserve and protect rare and endangered species
  • To promote the propagation and use of native plants in the landscape
  • To educate people on the relationship between our native flora and wildlife

LNPS was incorporated February 25, 1983 in Saline, Louisiana, Bienville Parish. The original incorporators were Richard Johnson, Ed Leuck, Dr. Virginia Carlton, and Elinor Herd.  The first meeting of the Society was August 20, 1983 in Alexandria, LA.   Richard Johnson, curator of Briarwood Nature Preserve and the first President of LNPS, was influential in helping to establish and develop LNPS as we know it today.  Annual meetings have always been held in Central Louisiana, providing general access across the state.

LNPS generally holds a membership meeting the first weekend in February (check Upcoming Events – link here) and will occasionally host field trips for our members to various areas of interest throughout the state.   Members come from all over Louisiana and even from the adjoining states of Mississippi and Texas.  Membership in LNPS is open to anyone with a sincere interest in Louisiana native plants and our mission upon payment of annual dues.


Viburnum, arrowwood
Arrowwood viburnum
LNPS Group Photo

LNPS also works with and supports local native plant societies in different areas of Louisiana and highly recommends involvement in one of these that may be close to where you live.  These local organizations tend to meet more frequently and be involved in local activities and projects.

LNPS Volunteer
LNPS Volunteer

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