“It doesn’t matter how wonderful a native plant is if you cannot find it.”  Dan Gill

Many folks become convinced of the great importance of gardening with native plants and then find it difficult to source the natives they want for their gardens.  As usual, LSU AgCenter Horticulturist and Consumer Advocate DAN GILL, neatly sums up the various reasons that native plants can be hard to find in the market and things you can do to bolster availability in your area in his ARTICLE HERE.

We would add that it is more likely to find native plants offered by your independent nursery and also more likely that they will be responsive to requests for certain plant material as opposed to big box stores which, if they carry native plants at all, they are likely to be cultivars of natives, not straight species (see discussion on cultivars).

Also, there is no better way to be in on all of the native plant acquisiton opportunities than by being a member of a native plant society.  As such, you are connected to those who know exactly when and where special native plant sales are held and you are a part of a community of native plant enthusiasts that LOVE to share and swap plants and seeds.  Check out the LNPS Facebook Discussion Group and other social media pages listed on our Resources page here. These are great ways to keep your thumb on the pulse of the native plant world around you.

Louisiana wildflowers by Matt Pardue 2
Photo by Matt Pardue

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