American Snowbell

Styrax americanus

American Snowbell Styrax americanus is a small (8’ – 15’), slender-branched, deciduous tree that occurs over most of the state in moist soils of woodlands, swamp forests, prairies, and along streams. It blooms April – July when the plant becomes covered with a white cloud of bell-shaped, fragrant flowers. The leaves are glossy and bright-green.

American Snowbell grows best in part shade and moist to wet, acidic, sandy-loam soils. It provides nectar for native bees, butterflies, and other insects and fruit for birds. It is the host plant for the Promethea Moth Callosamia promethea. In the landscape, American Snowbell makes a fine specimen tree or an accent shrub. Use it for moist to wet areas of the landscape.

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