Chickasaw Plum

Prunus angustifolia

Chickasaw Plum Prunus angustifolia is a small (15’ X 10’) thicket-forming, deciduous tree that is widespread across Louisiana in open woodlands, woodland edges, forest openings, savannas, prairies, old fields, and along fence rows and roadsides. Clusters of white flowers appear February – May. The fruit ripens in August or September and can be eaten fresh or made into jellies or preserves.

Chickasaw Plum was cultivated for its fruit by the Chickasaw Indians and other indigenous peoples before European settlement. The fruit is eaten by birds and small mammals. The flowers are used by insect pollinators; the plant is of special value to native bees. Chickasaw Plum grows best in full sun and dry, loose, sandy soils. In part shade, Chickasaw Plum takes on a more airy, delicate appearance.

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