Ilex cassine

Dahoon Ilex cassine is a single-stemmed, small (20’ – 30’ X 8’ – 15’), evergreen tree with lime-green leaves and upward pointing branches. This holly occurs naturally in wet areas of South Louisiana, along streams, and in swamps. Dahoon, however, is grown in many garden landscapes farther inland, as it is highly adaptable and tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions. Dahoon grows in sun to shade with adequate moisture, but prefers part-shade.

The pale grey bark of the much-branched stems is in pretty contrast to the 2” – 3” evergreen leaves and red berries that are important food for wintering birds and small mammals. It is a more delicate and airy holly than Yaupon. It hybridizes easily; Savannah Holly is the result of cross-pollinating Dahoon with American Holly. Dahoon Holly can be used as a small accent plant or to create a living privacy screen.

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