St. Andrew’s Cross

Hypericum hypercoides

St. Andrew’s Cross Hypericum hypericoides is a small (~3’ tall) native shrub with petite evergreen leaves, sinuous deep red-brown bark, and bright gold blooms of four petals in a distinctive oblique cross. It is found statewide in Louisiana and can bloom year-round where winter temperatures remain warm. St. Andrew’s Cross is a great plant for pollinators, it’s a larval host to many butterflies and moths, and provides winter seeds for songbirds.

An attractive landscape characteristic is its beautiful textural contrast of rough-polished, red-brown bark, soft green leaves, and shiny yellow flowers. In a garden setting, St. Andrew’s Cross prefers partial shade and moist soils. It has many medicinal uses. Be aware that Hypericum is a large genus, and many non-native Hypericums are sold in the nursery trade. Do your research and select a native Hypericum for your garden.

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