Thinfruit Sedge

Carex flaccosperma

Thinfruit Sedge Carex flaccosperma is a petite (6” – 12” tall), clumping, slow-spreading, perennial sedge with narrow (1/2”-wide), striking blue-green leaves, which are often evergreen. This species occurs over most of the state (other than some southeastern Louisiana parishes) in moist sandy soils of woodlands, swamps, moist fields, and meadows. It flowers May – June. Thinfruit Sedge thrives in moist woodland gardens with bright shade.

It is tolerant of some sun, if planted in rich moist soil, wet sites, and clay soils. Use it in moist or wet shade gardens where it makes an attractive groundcover, an accent grouping, or mass planting; it can also be massed in wet areas along a stream or pond. Thinfruit Sedge is a good substitute for Liriope muscari.

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