Winged Elm

Ulmus alata

Winged Elm Ulmus alata is a fast-growing, medium size (40’ – 50’ X 30’ – 40’) deciduous tree found in most Louisiana parishes in woodlands with moist or dry upland soils, along stream banks, and occasionally, rivers. Its leaves are smaller and narrower, and leaf bases more even, than other elms. Its name refers to the corky, wing-like projections present on the opposite sides of its twigs and branches. Flowers are dull reddish in color and appear February – March.

Its fruit is favored by squirrels and birds, especially American Goldfinch and Purple Finch. Winged Elm adapts to full sun or partial shade and most soil types. It’s a sturdy, adaptable tree well-suited as a shade tree or street tree.

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