Big Blue Lilyturf

Liriope muscari

Big Blue Lilyturf or Monkey Grass, which is native to China and Japan, was brought into the U.S. for use as an ornamental ground cover. It forms dense clumps of fleshy, grass-like 10” – 18” long, evergreen leaves. Established plants aggressively spread by rhizomes; eventually, the upper 6” – 12” of soil becomes filled with dense roots and rhizomes, making established colonies difficult to remove. It grows in full sun to shade, but best in moist, organic soils.

Big Blue Lilyturf is classified by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as a Tier II invasive species defined as “currently causing moderately negative impacts on wildlife or natural communities in Louisiana”. The species is spread by transporting soil containing rhizomes and by seeds dispersed by birds and other animals. Because this species can spread and form a dense monoculture in forested areas, it can displace native species of groundcover.  Big Blue Lilyturf continues to be promoted and sold as an ornamental, evergreen groundcover.

Landscape With These Native Plants Instead:

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